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The goal of a well planned winterization program is to protect your people and your assets from cold weather failures resulting in operational shutdowns and potential injuries. Our crews, consisting of rope access technicians, certified electricians, steamfitters, pipefitters and insulators, can assist you in ensuring your systems are running and well maintained throughout the hard winter months.

We cross train our technicians to lower costs and timeframes for you. This model is the ideal solution for a dynamic winterization program.

Winterization Solutions

Winterization Solutions

Some key areas where TKMS crews assist with winterization preparation and maintenance include:

  • Checking for and repairing leaks along pipes and flanges
  • Blanket and insulate all bitumen lines to ensure bitumen is protected from the wind and does not freezing during cold weather
  • Work with you to determine which pipelines are not normally flowing and make a plan to either drain the pipes or instal electrical heat trace.
  • Providing emergency crews to remove ice structures and build up
  • Ongoing winter maintenance including isolations and insulation repairs/replacements
  • Inspect critical sections of heat tracing to ensure proper operation
  • Check insulation blankets to ensure they are properly installed, especially on high-maintenance sections of piping
  • Review heat tracing temperature control lines to ensure they are sufficient to avoid freezing lines
  • Review and troubleshoot heat trace lines throughout the season
  • Review steam traps for proper heat tracing
  • Look for condensation build up and repair any areas of concern
  • Locate any areas of potential ice build up near steam traps – monitor and relocate if possible/required
  • Check for and repair leaks around vessels and pipe racks
  • Remove ice build up
  • Creation of barricades in hazardous areas

Inefficient winterization plans can cause severe issues within plants including ice build up and major outages, both of which are dangerous and costly.  

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in creating a functional winterization plan for your equipment. 

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