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Reduce exposure time & need for scaffolding

TKMS’s specialized teams are trained and have accumulated over 25 years of experience performing repairs, installations and routine plant maintenance via rope access.  Our training program, leadership in the industry and innovative equipment allow us to safely manage and create effective solutions that require work on structures, Oil & Gas facilities, bridges, ships and more.

Our Access services

Rope access is an innovative system recognized worldwide as the safest and most affordable way to complete work at height.

Rope Access Technician

Rope Access

Confined Space

Confined Space

Mechanical Lift

Mechanical Lift

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Rope Access

Rope access is a comprehensive system that is regarded as the safest and most efficient way of working at height. It is a system comprising of ropes and hardware that are attached to a technician in a certified rope access harness.

Safety is our top priority. Our technicians are all educated, regulated and managed according to IRATA’s specific safety, technique and rescue guidelines.

Rope access completes a project on time, as it does not require a lengthy set-up. Rope access is the perfect solution, resulting in shorter schedules and cost savings!

Rope access is the preferred access type for:

Confined Space Entry

Confined Space

Confined spaces are one of the most challenging and dangerous environments facing emergency responders and workers. TKMS has the regulatory knowledge and first-hand experience in creating and implementing programs and solutions for confined spaces. We understand that confined space safety is ensuring that each employee who enters a confined space returns safely. 

TKMS provides experienced technicians to supervise and manage compliance in projects involving confined space entry. 

Our confined space entry services include:

Mechanical Lift

Mechanical LIft

TKMS Mechanical Lift services allows for both horizontal and vertical reach for outdoor and indoor jobs, industrial tasks and construction projects. Mechanical lifts facilitate a higher reach than scissor lifts but typically have a smaller work platform, making it easier to maneuver in small spaces. 

Mechanical lifts are a good option when you need quick and safe access to a hard to reach area. Mechanical lift projects include, but are not limited to:

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Our rope access team can be deployed quickly and effectively, saving the time required for traditional scaffolding. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your next specialized access project.